Bywater on Valentine’s Day

Aloha, friends and lovers.  I am writing to you from a smallish, sunny barroom on Louisa Drive in New Orleans.  A couple days ago I had… a thing happen at the place I was staying and I had to leave.  It was necessary but sad and confusing.  I left behind over 100 plant starts in various degrees of tenderness, with no way to guarantee they will be cared for whatsoever.  Also, all the work I had done on the land over the last 5 weeks is now probably wasted/squandered.

So I went into turtle-power mode, and packed all my stuff back into Annabelle.  I went and bought a bike rack and put my new pink bike on it, and drove out to New Orleans East where my ex had kindly rented me a cheap hotel room for the night.  Then the next day I went and rented a storage unit, amazed and deeply grateful at the financial help that allowed me to do so.

The plan was to store the unnecessaries and go camping at the Bayou until Nate gets here- oh yeah, so Nate was supposed to come on the 10th of February and stay through Mardi Gras, help me with the garden, etc.  But due to the mysteries of the universe he has not yet gotten on the bus so he may get here on Mardi Gras Day itself.  Which is a scary thought but I am going to be a trooper and go out there to meet him.  I may leave my car at the Bywater and just bike around for a couple days, maybe not sleep…. I have no clue.  But anyway tonight and last night I have been kindly put up by a friend of a friend, a computer programmer who is very easygoing and miraculously, has a spare bedroom on Mardi Gras weekend.

There are parades, and festivities, etc… but I went to bed at 9:30 last night and have been taking it easy today.  I am overwhelmed by the wide array of things going on.  If you’ve been here then you probably know what I mean.  There is so much art, music, costuming, parading, drinks to be had, food to be et- that I just want to stay inside!!

It’s also basically impossible to find a place to live right now, as every square foot is being rented by the day for exorbitant prices to Mardi Gras tourists.  So I’ve got what, a few more days to wait it out and then I can try and put together a new life for myself down here.  I really don’t mind living out of the car for weeks, if needed, in fact I enjoy the complete freedom and simplicity it affords me.  Although it is a pain in the butt to find a bathroom in the mornings.  But its like, I have a car so who cares if I have no place to receive mail?

So.  I am here, I am ok, and my fortune cookie on Thursday night said : “There is a refreshing change in your future.”  I don’t know what the change is exactly but I am SOOOO ready!!

Ok on the yoga tip:  One of the neighbors asked me to teach her yoga, and we did a couple private sessions at the local studio there in Arabi.  It was a great experience as she was definitely an apt pupil, but truly I felt like she has been doing this longer than I have.  As in, past lives and such.  She is an amazing and extremely magical person, and I hope I can keep in touch with her now that I had to leave the neighborhood.  Her son also expressed an interest, but he may not be ready to begin that journey.

The next thing I want to do is find some little part-time work, and continue to grow in my artwork expressions to the point maybe that can get me paid a little bit.  I know I have something unique to say, visually, and of anywhere in the world I think this is a place it might be needed and appreciated.  But it’s up to me to do it.  Make it, be it.  Just be me.  That might be the hardest thing to do after all.

I am sorry to say, I don’t know exactly where my camera is right now so I have no pics to upload. 😦  Come to New Orleans some time and see it for yourself.  But I will add them…. some day, when I catch up with myself.  Like that’s gonna happen. :p

Ohhh something else so cool happened, the night Kendrick Lamar put out his last single, “the blacker the berry”, he came to chill with me in a dream for several hours.  We were talking and walking, in the hills of Santa Cruz.  I don’t remember what we spoke on exactly, but it was amazing just the same.  We were just being comrades I suppose, trading stories and ideas, sharing knowledge and tactics.  Dope. 🙂

Oh yeah and I wrote this morning, like, a lot.  I was really hittin it.  Great way to start the day.  I think if I ever put out a hip-hop record it will be under the name “Dark Blonde”.  Maybe I will share some lines at some point…. maybe not.




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