A New Day, A New Month in New Orleans

SO…. A lot has gone on since last I wrote. About a week ago I was offered a spare room on Canal Street, with an acquaintance from a previous job. I am still staying there and it is awesome!! He’s great, the room’s perfect and there’s even a 7-month-old cat that lives here. I have named her Calliope.

Anyway just before moving in here, I had been applying at nurseries on the west side of the city. I didn’t expect any of it to pan out right away but, I got a call the very next day from the very top player!! They asked for an interview and hired me on as a salesgirl- I just finished my first weekend there, and loved it.

The only thing challenging is, I am there just on the weekends, Fri/Sat/Sun and although I don’t usually go out, this next weekend I have some other gigs that I already agreed to, both Friday and Saturday night. So…. That kinda presses me for time and energy. But, like today being Monday and I have the next 4 days completely free to do whatever.

So it’s gonna be laundry, take my car in to check the electricals out, and some yoga or painting. Or both.

Oh yeah so what I wanted to comment on, mostly, is how bizarre it is to me that I got a real-person job that pays well and has good hours. I had kind of written off that whole paradigm, but yet I really enjoy this place I work at and am happy to show up there. Capitalism…. it’s a strange thing.

The Cat, Calliope, is going through something the last few days. She became suddenly extremely affectionate and makes this little sound… And she is rubbing herself all over every surface in the apartment. I think she might be in heat. Her back end is seemingly on a trip of its own. I have never witnessed anything like it…. but I’ve also never had an unspayed female cat!

Balance is the name of the game. Like Christ or Krishna, with Balance all things are possible.

I have had two offers or requests to make up container gardens for local residents here, one for herbs and the other for vegetables and flowers. Normally the cost of this type of thing would make it hard to make any money on so I hadn’t really put any effort that way. But now, working at the nursery I get a nice little discount so I am going to start designing, putting together, and maintaining container gardens on contract, during the week.

I have to go now and drop my car off at the shop. Take care! Aloha


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