Springtime in New Orleans

I am now living in “Mid-City”, on Canal Street (which never did get a canal built in the middle… But that was the plan.) I have been living my life to the fullest, as best as I can. I feel great. Nutrition is a challenge, as is discipline and physically taking care of myself.

But this next weekend, I get to go back to OAKLAND for my cousin’s wedding! I am soooo excited, as I grew up in the Bay Area and have a deep abiding love for that place, and Oakland in particular. SF, too. So I am beginning to plan it out, I got my tickets bought there and back so most of the stress is gone. Just gonna have to spend a little money on the BART to get thru SF and over to the East… And then hopefully will be hooking up with my magical troupe of aunties and cousins. It is gonna be amazing…

My role will primarily be energetic – by me being there I will be a conduit for the Universe to heal that which is injured.

Things are going very well – I take my medication almost every day, feel capable and calm a lot of the time, and not much neck pain. My yoga practice is not the most vigorous but I feel amazing. I am so grateful for my radiant health! And for the glorious opportunities for adventure that approach me at every turn.

I ordered a Grande meal from Taco Bell on the way home… planning to share it with my roommate but he’s at work still. So now I’m on piece #6/10. And loving it, with that special kind of mixed up self-loathing and pure hedonism reserved for fast food.

I started painting again. Two nights ago. Oh snap. So far so good, I don’t want to jinx myself. 🙂


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